Thursday, November 21, 2019

Competitive Intelligence and Research Assignment Proposal

Competitive Intelligence and Assignment - Research Proposal Example The proliferation of the social media has created a potential for investors to roll out their products to the customers worldwide with higher efficiency. However, this approach has its own limitations as organizations raise question as to whether social media is an adequate platform for organizations to build strong customer relationship. For a long period now, the literature concerning the relationship between customer relationship and an efficient online presence has increased, yet it has not yet answered the question of whether organizations should focus on this business option. The purpose of this research is to investigate whether social networking based marketing helps a business to build a positive customer relationship with its customers. This research will employ a deductive approach to identify the merits of using social media for marketing in the modern business environment (Mehrdad & Seyedeh, 2013). A qualitative approach will be used to identify the various benefits and challenges of marketing on social media and to draw the relationship between customer relationship and the online strategy. The main focus of the research will be to evaluate how the social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Skype affects aspects of customer loyalty within any particular market. The research intends to close the literature gap that exists concerning social media advertisement and to end the controversy that has limited organization indulgence in social media advertisement. The findings of this research will help organizations from across the world to underst and the value and the limitations of focussing on social media marketing, and to identify strategies that they can use to optimize customer relationship building. In the recent past, business researchers have engaged in research to investigate the impact of social media advertisement and the

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